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Understanding Regulation – a Chance for International Business Development

Opportunities in Regulation

Setting the boundaries for private business activity and supporting business financially in difficult times, governments, politics and the public represent an important - sometimes the most important stakeholder in business today.

Never has a positive relationship with public decision makers and opinion leaders been more important than in the wake of the financial and economic crises. 

What Zeitzen Consulting can do for you and your business

  • Public institutions as customers  - what are their aims & constraints and how does my value proposition fit into their agenda?
  • Mapping your challenges - and how to turn them into opportunities
  • Positioning with relevant authorities - why should they listen to you?
  • Building an effective Government Relations network inside your company - who of my colleagues will be a credible public contact?
  • Identifying issues ahead of time - before they hit the papers and your business
  • Governance & Procedures review - are we making sure that all potential issues are found AND mitigated?

As a member of the Concilius Advisory Board, Markus can draw on the expertise and networks of Concilius AG, the German government relations specialists.