Zeitzen Consulting

adding dimensions to your business

Strategy & Business Development Services, Capital Markets Advice
Political & Regulatory Insight in Germany – EU - Scandinavia

Flexible, long-term resource to build, extend and safeguard your competitive advantage

With customers, competitors and public decision makers determining the "rules of the game" anew every day, businesses need to react quickly on changes in

  • Regulation
  • Capital Access
  • M&A opportunities
  • Customer preferences
  • Competitor positioning
  • Supplier advantages

Zeitzen Consulting covers these areas as advisors or interim managers, focussing on our three core areas of expertise.

Strategy & Business Development - Setting out and evaluating strategy and implementing it step by step

Capital Markets Services - M&A, JVs, IPOs, Raising capital in private & public markets

Government Relations - Using regulation as opportunity to create and defend buisnesses

Our regional expertise lies in the EU, especially in Germany and Scandinavia, where we are rooted in the respective cultures, languages and networks.