Zeitzen Consulting

adding dimensions to your business

Driving your Growth: New Products – New Regions – Mew Markets – New Customers

Imagining and Implementing the Future Direction of Your Business

Aiming to gain and sustain competitive advantage and to position & exploit your USPs to create profitable and sustainable growth is the key to business success.

Knowing where and how to compete is an absolute 'must':

  • What is our value profile and what are the competitors offering?
  • What do customers pay for - where do we create customer value?
  • What is our power base in our industry - can we change the power relations?
  • What are our most priced resources and how do we maintain and improve our resource base?
  • Where do we find new customers and who has the buying power within the customer organisation?
  • How do our customers perceive us in comparison to our key competitors?
  • How do we open new market segments or regions?
  • Which future strategy combines long-term growth on top and bottom line?

While these questions are easy to pose, articulating the honest answer and implementing the necesarry steps and conclusions is key to your future. 

We ask and answer these questions by using a broad range of tools to create a holistic and honest picture of your company and its competitive advantages. Taking this image, we develop a range of possibilities, assess the value of such possibilities and drive the necessary change.